About me



A PR by day and a foodie at all times, I am rarely happier than when I’m in my tiny little kitchen creating something delicious. Much as I adore my tatty handwritten recipe book, I started this blog for myself so that I could keep my recipe notes in an ever-accessible place. I am delighted to have learned that people other than me and my Mum enjoy reading it.

Should you choose to explore, you will find notes on recipes I’ve tried, recipes I’ve created and mistakes I’ve learned from. Just occasionally, I use a recipe word-for-word from a book or another website. In these cases, I’ll credit the source in case you’d like to find it yourself but I won’t rob the original author of the credit that is rightfully theirs by typing it out here. 

Every so often, I might squeeze in a little something other than cake; most subjects will fit into the ‘words’ or ‘pictures’ categories, given a little jiggery-pokery.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at wordspicturesandcake@gmail.com.  


1 thought on “About me

  1. Hi, I love your no 1 giraffe cake and plan to make it for my son. What size cake board did you use? And how did you make the chocolate triangles?

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